1. What is the 'IFEZINE' ?
- IFEZINE is the IFEZ blog which concentrates on sharing with people all the great places to eat and visit in the Incheon Free Economic Zone.

2. What is the 'My Incheon'?
- My Incheon is a multi-language website, that introduces IFEZ and Incheon. Here, visitors are able to access general information on Incheon, what to do, what to eat, where to stay, and where to shop!

3. What is the restaurant selection standard?
- Taste, service, and food hygiene.

4. What is the tourist attraction selection standard?
- Fun, Memorable, Easily Accessible

5. What is the accommodation selection standard?
- Location, Service, Price, Accessibility

6. Where are the tourist attractions being introduced located?
- Most of the sites introduced are in IFEZ (Songdo, Cheongna, Yeongjong). There are times when other popular places of interest outside of IFEZ are introduced.

7. What is the scope of the introduction of restaurant?
- Most of the restuarnts introduced are in IFEZ (Songdo, Cheongna, Yeongjong). There are times when popular restaurants outside of IFEZ are introduced.

8. Is there a Facebook account?
- My Incheon has facebook community
This page is for everyone to enjoy. It is an information sharing community with reviews and recommendations on restaurants, things to do, places to visit, and coming events.
You can also find IFEZINE on Facebook, youtube, Instagram, SinaWeibo, Naver Post, and Opencast.

9. Are there any videos about Incheon?
- Videos are uploaded onto the IFEZINE youtube channel.